ACXIS® EN-240 for consumer applications


The ACXIS® AC Combiner (EN-240) dramatically simplifies the installation and communication setup of any PV system using Enphase® microinverters and the Envoy® monitoring gateway. Combining up to 5 incoming AC branch circuits, it eliminates the need for traditional PV load centers allowing the Envoy to be mounted at the point of branch circuit interconnection, maximizing Power Line Communication strength between the inverters and Envoy gateway. This patented solution includes ferrite filters that keep line-noise from interfering with PLC communication, LED branch circuit current indicators, surge protection and other trouble shooting features all enclosed in a NEMA 3RX weather resistant enclosure.

The ACXIS® AC Combiner will not only turn your PV interconnection, monitoring setup and troubleshooting into a time saving, predictable process, but can eliminate costly post-install service calls due to communication and interconnection issues.

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