ACXIS® EN-240 for consumer applications



  • Nema 3R Enclosure: An appreciable upgrade from common Nema 3 enclosures. Provides an additional, significant level of protection against corrosion in challenging environments.
  • Heat Vents: Allows the heat out, but prohibits critters from getting in. Passive ventilation means no moving parts.
  • Lockable Enclosure: Provides security for internal components.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: It looks great. Dimensions are: 14”W x 17.5” H x 5” D.


  • 5 Back-fed Breakers: Handles up to 5 individual branch circuits, allowing for significant system expansion—20 kW+ system sizes. ACXIS'® generous number of breakers allows wide installation versatility. For example, in some installations where it may be desirable to split branches due to physical roof limitations, the two individual split circuits can be run directly to the ACXIS® without having to first join them on the roof.


  • External Status Light: Large external indicator quickly confirms determination of voltage from the utility.
  • Current Indicators: LED lights confirm electrical current flow from each independent branch circuit.
  • Surge Arrester: Provides surge suppression from severe transient activity.

System Monitoring

  • Compatibility: Specifically designed to house the industry-leading Enphase™ Envoy® system monitoring device.
  • Ferrite Rings: Assures strong and noise-free Ethernet bridge communication, while filtering out undesired traffic and noise.
  • Device Placement: The placement of the monitoring device is optimally located within the ACXIS® to prevent site noise and system cross-talk from other closely located PV systems. Cross-talk disrupts communication between the micro inverters and the monitoring device.

Cost Savings

  • Accelerated Training: Train more personnel faster. ACXIS® streamlines the training process to allow your company to keep pace with the fast growth of the industry.
  • Reduced Trouble Calls: Thanks to the ACXIS'® simple troubleshooting status indicators, the end-user can troubleshoot the system and often determine the cause of problems before placing a trouble call. Owner’s manual is available for download.
  • Consistent Installations: Multiple crews means multiple processes and approaches to installation. ACXIS® reduces installation variation to a single, simple installation process.
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