E-Gear™ BESS battery energy storage system


EMC + PV + Storage

A breakthrough in distributed energy resource management—our Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) option enhances a PV system’s abilities and allows you to store your own PV energy. The modular design allows for easy upgrade and incremental expansion. The automatic emergency backup power feature provides for critical loads such as lighting, medical equipment, refrigerators, phone chargers, etc. during an outage. Smart Storage can also buffer, smooth out and stabilize the energy you want transferred back to the grid.

Utilities are rapidly moving away from simple electrical generation and distribution models to more intelligent and dynamic energy management systems. As technologies evolve so will the relationship between rooftop PV owners and their utility. Grid connected energy producers will become essential partners able to share the benefits of a smarter interactive grid.

Smart energy management has the ability to leverage a PV system’s production to your advantage by automatically optimizing energy generation, usage and smart export. A secure cloud-based dashboard and toolset provide real-time PV energy generation and home usage visibility, putting easy home load monitoring and control at your finger-tips. Simple and automated control of your energy means you can take advantage of all utility and grid support benefits.

Modular in design, and scalable, optional Smart Storage increases your PV system’s effectiveness by allowing both smart energy export or non-ex-port/self consumption between specific times each day. Additional benefits include emergency backup for important loads such as lighting, medical equipment and refrigeration when needed.

An intelligent system that will provide benefits now, adapting to changing needs, grid challenges, Utility benefits and evolving solar energy policy—essentially future-proofing your PV system.

Imagine a community of rooftop PV systems upgraded with Smart Energy Management technology. Each maximizing customer savings, improving our grid, providing greater renewable energy interconnection—reducing reliance on imported oil, liquefied gas from fracking and saving precious green space from massive solar farms.


The average household consumes only 20-30% of PV energy generated within solar production hours. During peak solar production the excess energy sent to the grid by thousands of net-metered systems introduces instability and additional challenges to the grid. The E-Gear™ EMC leverages a Battery Energy Storage System to capture the excess PV production that is typically exported during the day. The stored energy can later be smoothly exported to the grid when most advantageous, or used directly in your home instead of drawing energy from the grid during peak demand hours. It can also be used as your emergency reserve for critical loads during a power outage.

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