E-Gear™ EV Microgrid and charging station


Use PV to charge an EV. The E-Gear™ micro-grid system uses PV generation in combination with a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), to power electrical devices that are not connected to the grid. An electric car, for example, can utilize the energy generated by a dedicated PV system, requiring less energy imported from the grid. A micro-grid is quite literally a self-contained, personal power generation plant! Right-sizing both the PV system size and the battery storage capacity is key.

  • Charges an electric vehicle with clean solar energy
  • Eligible for available tax credits
  • Designed to work independently of the Utility grid
  • Designed for existing NEM customer to add more PV capacity for EV charging without losing NEM status
  • Designed to be “no impact” to the Utility grid
  • Reduces Utility grid system peak demand in evenings
  • Micro-grid technology gives your electric vehicle and critical loads in your home access to PV power during Utility grid outages
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