E-Gear™ EMC energy management controller


The E-Gear™ Energy Management Controller (EMC) does it all—optimizing PV energy production, usage and export. On-board capabilities include PV production and home usage monitoring, Time-of-Use load control, Time-of-Export optimization and grid support capabilities. Intuitive cloud-based user tools simplify the set of intelligent system controls and monitoring.

Our goal has always been simple—to provide affordable energy solutions that promote and accelerate the adoption of clean renewable energy.

We address three primary concerns: system visibility for both utility and homeowner, smooth delivery of stable power to the grid, and the ability to adapt to changes in solar energy policy. Then we added one more goal: develop a concept for the future, but find a solution within reach today.

We envisioned cutting-edge technology to address grid issues, allowing more households and small businesses to adopt solar and be grid-integrated as a welcomed clean energy source for the utility. The EMC is an all inclusive solution, with a way to upgrade existing PV systems and other renewable energy systems, too. Growing a community of distributed rooftop solar into a powerful alternative to imported oil, liquefied gas from fracking, or massive solar farms at the expense of green space.

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