Critical Loads Calculator

This calculator determines the estimated total wattage requirements to prevent or minimize nuisance power trip events during a power outage, and then recommends the optimum battery size to meet those requirements. Nuisance power tripping occurs when instantaneous power demand exceeds the peak power output capabilities of the energy storage system. A critical loads system will not be able to provide or sustain all the power needs of your home during a power outage, so it is necessary to plan for the amount of energy that is absolutely necessary during these critical events.

For detailed information, please review the E-Gear Critical Loads White Paper.

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Battery Size (kWh)
6.4 kWh
9.6 kWh
12.8 kWh
16.0 kWh
19.2 kWh
Eguana Techologies
3200 W Avail.
4800 W Avail.
5000 W Avail.
5000 W Avail.
5000 W Avail.
Critical Load Items



Use the rows to the right to add household electrical items with custom Starting and Running Watt values.
The values above are estimates, and serve as guidelines only.
Always check your electrical item for exact wattage requirements.
Refer to the data plate or owner’s manual of each item.